April Member of the Month
May 15, 2012

Congratulations to Becky Spahn and the Seton House for all of the work that they do for families in Natrona County!  Seton House is the NCPC April Member of the Month.

Becky’s hard work and dedication to the coalition are a reflection of all the wonderful success’s Seton House and their staff have had.  Becky participates on the Family and Parenting Sub Committee and the Policy Change Sub Committee.  Seton House is also an Afterschool Provider and works with the NCPC to provide their families and children tutoring services and decision making skills regarding healthy lifestyle choices.

Seton House provided shelter and supportive services for 1,009 families with 1,928 children between 1989 and 2011. In 2010 Seton House served 104 families with 189 children and provided a total of 22,261 nights of shelter.

In 2010, 62 of 104 (60%) residents were employed, 10 residents were students in high school or Casper College, and 11 residents were unable to work due to advanced pregnancy, physical or mental disability. One resident graduated from high school, 4 residents earned their GED’s and 1 of those is continuing her education at Casper College, along with 8 other residents enrolled at CC.

43 of 52 (83%) families completing the program at Seton House were employed or receiving disability income and moved into permanent housing upon leaving Seton House.

7 parents were able to regain custody of 16 children from foster care while living at Seton House in 2010.

Seton House has had MANY success stories!

When asked why Becky and the Seton House participate with the NCPC she reported  “NCPC’s efforts to reduce drug and alcohol abuse, underage drinking and promote healthy lifestyles closely match our efforts with the residents at Seton House. NCPC provides activities for the enrichment and education of our students, our afterschool tutoring program and other community activities for the growth of our families.”

The NCPC staff are warmed by Becky’s gratitude and appreciation for the coalitions efforts in Natrona County.  Becky ended this interview with an encouraging statement, “Seton House, as well as the entire community, is richly blessed by the efforts of the NCPC toward the betterment of a healthy lifestyle for all residents by providing safe, healthy, drug and alcohol-free alternatives.”

We thank Seton House and Becky for all they do for families in our community.