Boys and Girls Club of Central Wyoming
September 4, 2014


Recent data from the 2013 Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) shows encouraging results when it comes to drinking and smoking among young adults. The Boys & Girls Club has accepted the role in promoting healthy lifestyles as part of its Formula for Impact. We recognize our duty as mentors to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. Each day we have the opportunity to promote a healthy lifestyle to 700 kids.

Just as our nation’s schools are measuring and monitoring health risk behaviors, the Boys & Girls Club is measuring its impact on youth through the National Youth Outcomes Initiative. When we compare our outcomes to the data provided by the YRBS, we swell with pride over the choices Club members are making. While a third of the high school students surveyed say they have not tried alcohol, nearly three-quarters of Boys and Girls Club youth surveyed have abstained from alcohol. With marijuana, 59% of the nation’s youth have reported not smoking it, while nearly 85% of Club members have not used the drug. When it comes to cigarettes, more than half of America’s high schoolers have not smoked. For Club members, that number climbs to 85%.

This is a trend that we’ve been seeing for the last two years. We know that high school age Club members who are highly engaged and are having an optimal Club experience are doing better overall than their non-Club member peers.  We

This data reinforces that the programming and mentors available through the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Wyoming are having a positive impact on our youth. The ever-growing and generous support of our community allows us to provide a wide variety of services, activities, and programs for hundreds of kids. Thank you for helping us make a difference for young people who need it most! At the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Wyoming, Great Futures Start Here!