Happy 10th Anniversary
August 28, 2012

Ten years ago a team of professionals came together to ask the simple question, “What can we do to make Natrona County a healthier place for our community members?”   The answer was simple, work together to reduce substance use and promote healthy and positive choices.  July 2012 marks the 10 Year Anniversary of the Natrona County Prevention Coalition (NCPC) and we are still working to achieve its mission.  The Natrona County Prevention Coalition has increased its membership to include over 50 community agencies and businesses working hard in the field of prevention.

For the last 10 years the Natrona County Prevention Coalition has seen great success from creating Family Sections at the local sporting events, creative media campaigns, community outreach and education, to policy change.

We have seen the community grow and gain an awareness of the harms and consequences of substance abuse.  Knowing that prevention can really be community-driven has been the key to our success.  Without the community buy-in and dedication over the last ten years, we would not have seen the incredible successes in our community.   Natrona County is known for their coalitions’ success throughout the state and we will continue to set the standard so we can see more success not only in Natrona County but around the state.

The staff here at the Natrona County Prevention Coalition would like to take a moment to thank all the members of the coalition, current and resigned, for their dedication to NCPC and our community. Despite changes in prevention at the State level, our coalition continues to work hard to provide the best environment for our community members and we will continue for the next 100 years!

By Jen Dyer