March 2014 Member of the Month
March 11, 2014

NCPC is proud to announce the March 2014 Member of the Month. Jennifer Dyer (Jen) the NCPC Chair. In her seven years with NCPC, Jen has helped to cultivate a strong community coalition that continues to prevent substance abuse in Natrona County by promoting healthy and positive choices.

Jennifer has been working for the Natrona County Prevention Coalition for the last seven years. She began her employment with Mercer Family Resource Center as the NCPC Assistant Coordinator in 2006. In her role as the assistant coordinator she planned prevention and education events, wrote state and federal grants for prevention and afterschool funding, provided community outreach, and maintained NCPC documents. In April 2010, Jennifer became the NCPC Chair and Mercer Program Manager. Through her leadership NCPC implemented annual strategic plans to ensure the mission of the community’s coalition would be carefully planned and implemented to reduce substance abuse in Natrona County. Through out her tenure the NCPC has had many accomplishments to include bringing over 1.25 million dollars to Natrona County for prevention and 2.2.5 million for afterschool education.

Jennifer’s passion to serve the community and its members was ignited when she was working towards her undergraduate degree nine years ago. She knew then she wanted to help youth and families in her State and hopefully, her hometown. We have been fortunate that she has been able to do that in our community for close to a decade.  About her time with NCPC Jennifer says; “I was very fortunate to be able to work under great leadership and next to so many other coalition members that share my passion, it was our collaboration and teamwork that made our coalition so successful for all these years. I have no doubts that through the continued leadership and coalition partners that our community’s substance prevention coalition will remain strong and continue to do great work for decades to come”.

Jennifer has resigned as the NCPC Chair and will begin her new position with the Nicolaysen Art Museum at the end of March.  We are so fortunate to have had Jennifer’s assistance, support, and guidance for the past 7 years, and we wish her the best as she follows this path.