March Member of the Month
March 19, 2012

The Natrona County Prevention Coalition staff would like to celebrate GEAR UP and their NCPC representative, Katy Hallock, for all of the wonderful work they do for our community!

In conjunction with Casper College, GEAR UP helps youth to be successful in junior high or high school and encourages the pursuit of post-secondary education. Through partnering with local schools and community agencies, participants are exposed to a variety of fun, and educational activities!  Katy states, “Our services include: tutoring and academic assistance, summer academies, interaction with colleges and universities, post-secondary education information, career exploration and investigation, parent workshops, and goal setting workshops.”  All that in a days work!

I asked Katy why they participate with the Natrona County Prevention Coalition and she answered, “GEAR UP understands and believes in the importance of helping youth make positive choices. Educating students about prevention will increase the likeliness of each student’s success and accomplishments in their educational, and life goals. ”

Katy and GEAR UP participate in most NCPC activities.  Last year they participated with the Coalition Night at the Calvary, Coalition Night at the Ghosts, and volunteered the Elf Shop 2011.  Katy also participates monthly on the Environmental Strategies and Policy Change Sub-Committess.  We thank you for your participation in Natrona County and performing such a valuable service to our communities youth.

GEAR UP is currently enrolling 7th through 10th grade students into their program. Please see the GEAR UP link to obtain an application or contact the GEAR UP office directly at 307-268-2047 or Email.