December Member of the Month
February 7, 2012

The NCPC are excited to celebrate the Youth Empowerment Council as our Member of the Month! The YEC have participated with the NCPC in every event for 2011. In August, Afton Jennings became the newest YEC Coordinator and between the previous coordinator, Ray Pacheco and Afton, they have represented the YEC at each Coalition meeting in 2011.

The Youth Empowerment Council or YEC is a group of youth whom strive to improve activities and relationships among other youth in our community. While describing the YEC Afton states, “We differ from other youth groups because the YEC is completely youth ran. The youth of YEC choose our activities as well as create an agenda and lead the weekly meetings.”

The YEC strive to promote change through four subcommittees.
*The Pro-Social Sub-Committee provides Drug, Alcohol, and Tobaco free events which are normally offered free of charge. This committee is best known for the annual Zombie Ball and Ski Day.
*The Bullying Sub-Committee works with the NCSD#1 providing “peer to peer” presentations explaining the harmful effects of bullying. This group also participates with the Diversity Task Force ran within the NCSD#1.
*The SPAT Sub-Committee or Suicide Prevention Awareness Team also offers “peer to peer” presentations on suicide awareness and prevention. These presentations are done by a trained YEC youth and are survivors of suicide. This sub-committee also participates as the youth chapter of the Natrona County Suicide Prevention Coalition.
*The Alcohol Prevention and Awareness Sub-Committee works with the NCPC on Drug and Alcohol Free marketing campaigns. This group also participates with the Pro-Social Sub-Committee to provide D.A.T. free events.

The YEC meets weekly on Thursdays from 7-8pm at Mercer FRC. Afton is proud to say that her youth, “pride themselves on being excepting of diversity and that creates a family-like invironment.” Afton is also happy to report that the SPAT Team have presented to 500 students in the last three months.

When asked about YEC strengths Afton states, “ that the youth are very passionate about volunteerism. Just recently, YEC volunteers stood in the snow for 9 hours on a Saturday. Their relationships with adult professionals in the community is really beginning to grow.”

If you would like to participate with the Youth Empowerment Council you can call Afton Jennings at 307-233-4271 or check the YEC Facebook page for more information.

For upcoming events:
Elf Shop 12/10/11
SPAT presentations 12/13/11 @ Kelly Walsh
2nd Annual SPAT Awareness Dance 3/31/12
SKI Day Spring of 2012