Nicolaysen Art Museum
January 30, 2012


Representative: Zhanna Gallegos

400 E. Collins Dr.

Casper, WY 82601





To collect, preserve, and exhibit the work of contemporary artists and present it to the community as a vital source of inspiration and education.


We believe art is what makes us human. We believe contemporary art inspires important discussion about ourselves and the world in which we all live, building community through a greater understanding and appreciation of each other. We believe art stimulates the hearts and minds of everyone who comes in contact with it because creativity is an essential element of a joyful life.

Guided by these beliefs, the NIC provides every citizen in our community with the opportunity to participate in and experience the arts on a personal basis. While our primary purpose is to exhibit, collect, and conserve contemporary art, we are also a center for creativity, self-expression, and cultural dialogue, making the NIC a place where individuals can become connected to the larger community in which they live and work.


The NIC showcases and celebrates significant contemporary art through innovative art exhibitions, art education and art appreciation opportunities, helping everyone understand the role of art in our daily lives. Through these different experiences, we invite and encourage individuals to be creative and enjoy the art created by others.

By providing a place for citizens to gather together to explore, learn, create, and express themselves, we sustain an environment that encourages children, families, and community members to discover art, be creative, and interact with each other through their shared arts experience. Our success in fulfilling this vision makes us a cultural anchor for our community.

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